Don’t Make These 6 Mistakes When Buying From a Builder

When you buy your home from a reputable builder, you think you’re fairly safe. After all, thousands of people have bought homes before you, and the builder always seems to have the purchase down to an exact science. Most people do go through the buying process without any hiccups and are happy with their decision. 

However, you should carefully consider the following mistakes that some people make. If you avoid these things, you’re likely to feel more confident about the entire process.

9 Reasons to Love Having a Home in Canada

As we reflect on our rich history this upcoming Canada Day, we see what a truly great country we live in. From coast to coast, Canada is full of diversity, beautiful scenery, and kind-hearted people that are happy to call our nation home.  

Since we love homes and we love Canada, we thought we’d celebrate by mentioning all the great reasons to love having a home in the true north, strong and free.

Should You Build Your Home in a New Community or an Established One?

Once you’ve decided you want to buy a brand-new home rather than a resale, the next step is to choose a community that’s right for you. New communities in Edmonton have been sprouting up for decades. As a new buyer, you’ll get to decide whether you want to build your home in a brand-new community or one that’s a bit more established. Each one has unique advantages and disadvantages, so carefully consider all of your options.

How to Decide Whether to Buy a New or Resale Home

Featured image: Pacesetter Homes Bentley Showhome in Meadowview

Your choice of home is an important one. Most people spend the majority of their time in their home. The mortgage payment is also usually the biggest payment of the month. Naturally, people take a lot of time to find the home that’s right for them.

One of the biggest decisions is whether to buy a resale home or a brand-new home. Each style has its own unique advantages and disadvantages, so there’s no single style that’s right for everyone. 

Carefully consider all of your options before making your final decision.