Values and Views: Cabinet Comparisons

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When it comes to your new kitchen, it’s important to create a look you love – especially with today’s open-concept living areas. Naturally, cabinetry plays a big role in defining the look of the kitchen because they’re one of the first things anyone notices. If you want a kitchen that looks great, start with finding the perfect cabinets for you.

Values and Views: Cabinet Comparisons Streetside Edmonton ImageLooks Matter: The Style of Your Cabinets

Start by thinking about what you want the doors to your cabinets to look like. Surprisingly, there’s probably far more variety in style than you ever noticed. Some of the most popular designs we see are:

  • Slab style: This style is completely flat, aside from the fixtures. It typically appeals to those who like a modern style.
  • Flat-panel style: Don’t confuse these with the slab style. Flat-panel cabinets have a frame around the outside, but the panel at the centre is flat. They are also called Shaker style, and they go well with a classic look.
  • Raised-panel style: In this look, there’s a distinct “frame” to the cabinet, but the panel inside is raised. Sometimes, this style includes decorative details, like an arch at the top. Again, this is a popular look that goes well with many styles.
  • Glass-panel style: A variation on the flat-panel style, these are doors that have a glass panel at the centre of the door. The glass may be frosted or otherwise decorative. These cabinets have a distinctive look, and you’ll have to remember to keep the insides of your cabinets clean. Some people choose to include only a few glass-panel doors rather than having them throughout the kitchen.

Once you’ve found a style you like, you’ll also want to think about the colour. Most people go with wooden cabinets and keep the look of the wood. A lighter colour wood will brighten up the kitchen, and it’s ideal for those who have kitchens set at the centre of the home where there may not be a lot of natural light. Dark woods can give the room an elegant feel, but you’ll definitely want to balance out the space with lighter countertops or a colourful backsplash.

Finally, remember that you can always select cabinets that are more colourful. Thermofoil cabinets allow you to select from a wide variety of colours, and you can also have wood cabinets painted. You could make your cabinets anything from a more neutral grey or beige to a bright yellow or sage green. These choices might require you to be a bit more careful in selecting other colours for the kitchen, but they work well for many people.

Values and Views: Cabinet Comparisons Sterling Edmonton ImageCabinet Lifespan: Durability of Materials

Remember that your cabinets are bound to get a lot of use, and you want them to last for a long time. Carefully consider the material that you choose for these cabinets. Many cabinets are made from a solid wood. Oak, maple and cherry woods are popular because they’re hardwoods, so they’re less likely to dent and scratch over the years.

If the kitchen cabinets aren’t made from solid wood, they’re probably made from laminate or Thermofoil applied over a substrate — a type of manufactured wood, like particle board, fiberboard, or plywood. If not high-quality, the layers can start to peel away when exposed to moisture. Luckily, builders today tend to choose quality suppliers.

In general, the cost of the cabinets relates to the quality of the cabinets. This is not an area where you want to skimp.

Designed for Use: Improving Functionality

As you make your cabinet choices, be sure to think about little things that will make them more functional. For instance, taller cabinets are often an upgrade, but they provide extra storage space for your things. The soft-close feature on some cabinets means that you won’t hear the doors slamming every time you try to quickly close one.

Don’t forget that the kitchen cabinetry will also include drawers. A lot of homeowners today are choosing deep drawers for storing pots and pans under the countertops. In most cases, it makes these everyday items easier to access. Your builder may also be able to include drawers and extra shelving in all of the cabinets to make for better storage arrangements.

Your kitchen cabinets are incredibly important. If you’re still not sure what exactly you want, take some time to browse your options in a home goods or kitchen remodelling store. A good sales rep will be happy to discuss your options with you.


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