7 Father’s Day Gifts He’ll Actually Use

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If you’re honest with yourself, you’ll recognize your dad probably has plenty of ties in his closet and “World’s Best Dad” mugs in the cupboards. This year, why not get him something meaningful that he’ll also use on a regular basis? 

We’ve carefully created a list of items that almost every dad would love to have. Look through it to see if there’s something perfect for your dad.

1. Smart Home Devices

Smart home devices are becoming increasingly popular, but they might be something dad doesn’t necessarily want to spend his own money on. If he doesn’t have one yet, a smart thermostat is one of the best choices. It’s a good way to save some money on heating costs. 

For something a bit more fun, though, consider the Amazon Echo. This device can answer simple questions, play podcasts and music, and add things to a to-do list. 

Father’s Day Gifts He’ll Actually Use BBQ Image2. Barbeque Tools

Summertime is the time for grilling. You’ll often see the home stores having sales on grills around Father’s Day, but if your dad already has what he needs, you can look into getting him some fun accessories to go with it. For instance, he might like a grill basket for cooking up some veggies, some grill lights for cooking at night, or a smoker box. The great thing is there’s an almost endless supply of ideas for grill tools to get his backyard ready for summer.

3. Astronaut Pen

You might not think pens are something that can be high tech, but the original astronaut pen by Space Fisher is pretty cool. It uses a unique type of ink only becomes ink-like when you apply pressure. Since you can use it from any angle – and even in zero-gravity situations – this is the type of pen astronauts take with them on their trips to space. Dad might not be going that far away, but using this pen is likely to bring out the little boy in him.

4. Phone Power Bank

Almost everyone knows how stressful it is to have a phone run out of battery. A phone power bank means dad will never have to worry about running out of power again. He can charge both the phone and the reserve bank at home, then take the extra reserve with him when he goes out. 

5. Digital Picture Frame

If your dad lives far away, a digital picture frame might be a nice idea. Before you give it to him, carefully curate family photos onto a memory card, then put the card into the frame. Every few months, you can send a new memory card so he can swap it out for the latest batch of photos. If you want to do something sweet, consider scanning old photos as well. He’ll enjoy looking at photos from times past as much as he likes looking at the pictures from last week.

Father’s Day Gifts He’ll Actually Use tablet image6. Music

How many times has your dad embarrassed you by breaking out into his favourite song in a public place? Look for ways to give him the gift of music. For instance, you could purchase some of his old favourites as MP3s, then load them onto his phone so he can listen wherever he goes. 

A subscription to something like Amazon music – which pairs with Amazon Echo products – could allow him to listen to almost anything he likes. Archive.org is a site that plays music from concerts. See if you can find a recording of the first concert he ever went to or one that you enjoyed together.

7. An Experience

Sometimes, the best thing to get the man who has everything is something that’s not a thing. Consider going with some type of experience gift. This might be something like season tickets to his favourite sports team, tickets to an upcoming concert, or a gift card for the movie theatre. If you’re looking for something more unique, try a car racing or skydiving experience. 

Your dad deserves the best. Don’t give him something he’ll tuck into the back of his closet. Give him something he can really use. If you carefully choose a gift that fits his personality, you can’t go wrong.

Hoping for something a little more sentimental? One of our heartfelt father’s day gift ideas is sure to fit the bill. 


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